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All-in-one Affiliate Management Platform

With Trackbox, you control the traffic.

We’ll track, analyze, and distribute it according to your needs, maximizing your ROI.

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Fast-track ROI and build secure relationships with your partners

Easily exchange information with your affiliate partners, analyze their performance, and optimize ROI by selecting the traffic you need. Meanwhile, we ensure your privacy and provide fast-responding support.

The Fastest Integration on the Market

Hassle-free setup with no coding required. Get started with just a domain and integrate partners in a matter of hours

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Dedicated Account Manager

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Live Support

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One On One Onboarding

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Step-by-step guides

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24/7 Server Monitoring  & Support

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Why Choose TrackBox as Your Software Solution

TrackBox is an all-in-one platform designed to automate affiliate marketing by tracking, optimizing, and distributing traffic. home page

Safety & Security

Your data security and privacy are always protected with WAF technologies, CloudFlare, automatic threat detection, and 24/7 server monitoring.

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Customized Automation

With a contractual commitment of 99.99% uptime, TrackBox ensures high system stability for every client. home page

Trailblazing Tracking

Stay on track to meet your marketing goals with comprehensive metric monitoring, analytics, and traffic reports.

Trackbox Makes Affiliate Traffic Management Easy for You

We’ve built a system that helps you do the important things: exchange information, manage and analyze relationships, and optimize ROI.

Create Offers
Manage Traffic
Optimize ROI

Configure Offers and Commissions

Use Marketplace to showcase your  offers and include a marketing kit—giving affiliates easy access to all necessary designs and texts. Adjust commissions and select a payment plan for optimal results.

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Founder at Horka Network

TrackBox Gaming has exceeded our expectations. The integration process with our platform provider was completed so quickly, taking only a few days despite minor delays caused by the platform provider. Well done TrackBox!



Co-Founder Casino

TrackBox Gaming is amazing! They’ve successfully segmented our affiliates and executed powerful campaigns that have significantly enhanced player loyalty. Their seamless software integration has ensured smooth operation across our systems. TrackBox is the real deal!

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Founder Galdionet Network

TrackBox Gaming with their unique approach and cutting-edge functionalities, have brought a fresh perspective to the industry. Their commercial success is driven by their super cool features, with the messaging system between us and our affiliates being key!."

Ready to Transform Your Affiliate Marketing?

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